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This salad is a great compliment to any summer BBQ! I had a weird craving for caesar salad (something I never eat), so I decided to come up with my own healthier version.


(I try to buy all organic & non-gmo ingredients)

-1/2 box of ditalini pasta

-bag of organic croutons

-2 heads of romaine lettuce

-1 bag of mixed greens or spinach

-3 pieces of turkey bacon or uncured bacon bits

-2 cups of red cabbage

-1 bottle of Annie’s Naturals Organic Caesar Dressing

-1 container of pre-shredded parmesan cheese or half block of parmesan to shred

-Shredded chicken breast-optional (pictured without chicken)


-Cook 1/2 of the box of ditalini pasta and run under cold water when straining to prevent noodles from sticking

-Cook 3 pieces of turkey bacon on stove top until extra crispy and then dice or break into small crumbs (can substitute with uncured bacon bits).

**If you are adding chicken, cook 1-2 chicken breasts on stove top with olive oil, 1 garlic clove, pink salt, pepper & splash of lemon juice. Once cooled, cut and shred to smaller pieces.

-Mix the spinach and greens with 2 heads of chopped up romaine, add 2 cups of chopped up red cabbage. Combine the salad mixture with 1 bag of croutons, bacon crumbs and ditalini pasta. Top with dressing, and let sit in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to cool. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese just before serving.