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Certified Holistic Health Coach | Ashley Iovinelli 


Ashley Iovinelli is a "holistic mom on a mission" and certified health coach who believes that gut health is at the CORE of your well-being.

Ashley quit her job in the legal industry and went back to school to learn about holistic nutrition and become a certified health coach after becoming very sick with what was eventually diagnosed as late-stage Lyme Disease and several co-infections including Bartonella and Babesia from a tick bite. She also struggled with IBS and interstitial cystitis throughout most of her teens and twenties, but was able to put both chronic conditions into remission using holistic measures. Through her own health crises over the years, Ashley has been able to find her passion and experience the benefits of true wellness. 

Today, Ashley's mission is to educate and support you to create sustainable lifestyle changes that allow you to embark on a life-long health journey, because wellness is not a destination---it is a way of life. She is incredibly passionate about helping others learn about nutrition and nourishing their body, mind, and soul with real foods, a powerful mindset, and an irresistable self-care plan.  


Ashley teaches you how to become your own health coach so you can heal your gut, and nourish your mind, body, and soul. 


Ashley's 1:1 coaching sessions are conducted over the phone and internet, which allows her to coach and connect with clients not only in the Chicago, IL area, but remotely around the world. Often times, people reach out to Ashley because they are looking for additional support than what the traditional medical establishment can offer, which is why health coaching is an excellent compliment to your regular medical care. Health Coaches are on the frontline of this modern, new healthcare system that's beginning to emerge around the world. She gives you the necessary tools and skills to confidently navigate the up's and down's of life by getting to know and listen to your own body to determine what it needs to heal and feel good! 


You won't find the cookie-cutter approach with Wheatgrass Warrior Health Coaching.


When you work with Ashley, you receive an entirely customized approach to holistic health and wellness. Due to Bio-individuality, there is no one perfect way of eating and living that works for every "body". Your current needs and goals will drive the direction of each coaching session to allow you to get the most out of your program and journey. 

Healthy living is not limited to eating well, but also includes relationships, stress management, self-care, exercise, and spiritual and mental health. Ashley's "real food" diet and holistic self-care approaches have empowered her to overcome debilitating symptoms and illnesses, and allowed her to live a more joyful life.  When you create balance in all areas of your life, everything falls into place, and you can live the life you desire--your potential is limitless!  

— Ann Wigmore


conquer fear, say good-bye to yo-yo dieting, and create a lifestyle you love 

As a health coach, Ashley provides education, guidance, and support so you can learn to live in balance and create a healthier lifestyle that works for you. Ashley accomplishes this by:

  • Providing insight, support and accountability to help you feel your best.
  • Creating a personalized plan of action that supports your short and long term health and wellness goals.
  • Implementing sustainable holistic habits to help you live a more balanced and joyful life.
  • Helping improve your health by enabling you to make safe, managable changes that are tailored to your body and unique personal situation.
  • Identifying red flags and educating you to better understand nutrition and help you decide what foods to embrace or eliminate

Ashley works with you to achieve better health and an enriched quality of life. Your health and well-being is the basis of all your success! When you work with Ashley, you can reach your goals more quickly and safely. Schedule your complimentary discovery call today to learn more about what it would look like for you and Ashley to work together. 


Health + wellness Services

Ashley works side-by-side with clients to customize wellness plans that empower them to achieve their goals and transform their lives.

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 ABout Ashley

Ashley Iovinelli is a Certified Health Coach, Recipe DeveloperMom, Wife, and Chronic Illness Fighter. She is passionate about sharing her "Real Food" approach to nutrition that has changed her life.

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"Heal your gut + heal your life."

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